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To enhance the standard of scientific and professional performance of physicians in the several specialties of Internal Medicine in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Creating generation of physicians in the field of Internal Medicine who possess professionalism, skill, ethics, scientific creativity and research capability .


Society established to be the umbrella group of all the doctors and scientists and technology experts in the field of specialization as well as patients.

There is no doubt that the technological progress that the world is witnessing at the moment, which affects and is clearly in the field of medicine in terms of facilitating more accurate diagnosis and find out things that would extend medical specialists in various fields of medical information that will help them to identify and diagnose diseases correctly.
It is a great opportunity to invite you all to members of the Assembly, and Assembly members many benefits including access to the membership card which allows you to attend all scientific conferences held in the headquarters of the discounted, as the members get a certificate of membership of the Assembly, and Ousolkm regular e-mail messages that contain on the latest scientific events, membership also gives you priority in the dissemination of your articles in a timely manner in the scientific journal and other benefits, in addition to attending courses held by the scientific Albap from time to time.

On behalf of the Executive Board would like to extend an invitation to all interested colleagues to contact us and express their opinions and ideas so that we can access to the global level, which serves Saudi Arabia.