Saudi Society for Internal Medicine

Activvties Of SSIM

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1.      Holding seminars, symposia, workshops in different fields of Internal Medicine.

2.      Providing support to writing and translating scientific books in different fields of Internal Medicine.

3.      Encouraging scientific and clinical research in the different specialties of Internal Medicine and possible applications of these for more development in ways of diagnosis and treatment and prevention of common community diseases.

4.      Publishing studies, bulletins and periodicals in different branches of Internal Medicine.

5.      Participating in both International and Local Medical exhibitions.

6.      Inviting distinguished scientist in the field of Internal Medicine to participate in the activities of the Society according to the regulations.

7.      Arranging scientific jurnies for members and also holding scientific and research competition and contest in several fields of Internal Medicine.

8.      Holding special workshops for development of diagnostic, treating and research skills for physicians in the field of Internal Medicine.

9.      Participating in the Saudi Board of Internal Medicine examinations and other boards.

10. Participating actively in the development of various Internal Medicine specialties curricula in collaboration with various other medical and science colleges and Saudi Council Health Specialties.

11. Stressing on the importance of prevention from common diseases through spreading health education among members of the Society and deepening the concept of prevention is better than the treatment.

12. Participating with related authorities in strategic planning and development of health services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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